We help you develop your business
through positive interaction
with other cultures

Our exclusive input: the Culture Map

We have realized that the methodology of consultants who categorize cultures upon criteria is too limited. We go further and draw the CULTURE MAP of each country: how geography and history have influenced socioprofessional behaviors. We examine these cultural leverages in the context of being convincing and getting things done.

Our help is therefore very operational, it meets the needs of businesspersons abroad who must be able to communicate, evaluate the real value of a contract, manage a project, work remotely, improve relationships, etc.

Some of our Advisors

    Ellen Harris
    Ellen teaches Organizational Behavior at Harvard University Extension School and is a Coach for Executive Education programs at Harvard Business School. She has expertise in team-based experiential programs, which she designs and delivers to international clients and at INSEAD, MIT Sloan and Harvard Graduate and Business Schools. She holds a Masters from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

    Pascal Monpetit
    Pascal is an executive with extensive experience abroad, having been the President of Valenite, the American # 2 manufacturer of Cutting Tools as well as the President of an ex-Soviet Kombinat at Moscow, Sandvik MKTC. He also managed companies in Germany, Switzerland and France, for the Swedish group Electrolux. Pascal graduated from Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris.

    Yuko Oyama
    Japanese, lives in Brussels. She graduated in Literature from the very selective Waseda University in Tokyo. She has translated scenarios for the BBC and was an interpreter for Radio France. Yuko translates poetry and is an author of a book of poems, Crazy Flower.

    Matthias Mokros
    Matthias is an expert in Communication Psychology. He has been the Managing Director of the experiential center Outward Bound Koenigsburg in Northern Germany. He has extensive training experience in Europe, USA and Singapore with global corporations (Siemens, Allianz, Dresdner Bank...) and business schools. Matthias holds a MA in History and Philosophy from the University of Kiel.

    Denis Nicole
    Denis is a Senior Professional in Human Resources with extensive experience overseas. He has been the HR Director in China for a cross-functional new vehicle study team and the HR Manager in Japan with multi-site responsibility for Ford. He has also been a Training Specialist for a $ 700 M green field manufacturing program in Mexico. Denis holds a Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

    Aliona Chotova
    Russian, is based in Paris. She graduated as a Professor from Lomonosov University in Moscow, and is teaching Russian Civilization at Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and Inalco. Aliona’s research is about cultural references of contemporary Russians. She has developed, sold and conducted classes for the IFG (French Institute of Management) in Russia.

    Elio Dissegna
    Italian, is based in Padova. He has leaded the Facility Management of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. He has also been Managing Director in France and Sales Director in Russia, in Professional Appliances. He holds a PhD from the University of Florence, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

    Emilie Rousseau
    French, she lives in London, where she became a financial journalist for Mergermarket (The Financial Times Group). She holds a Masters in International Business Administration.

    Robert de Quelen
    French, he graduated in English and German from the Sorbonne University. He has held various executive positions with Edelman, the leading US PR network, including 3 years in Singapore (in charge of the IT market for Asia Pacific) and 5 years in the  Philippines as Deputy Managing Director. He is an expert in crisis communication.

    Rob Davey
    A British citizen both francophile and a fluent French speaker. He studied at Trinity College, Dublin and Oxford University before going to a successful career in education which culminated in a 13-year HMC Headship at Caterham, one of the top schools in England. He was awarded the Palmes Academiques for services to French culture. He is based in England.

    Marcel Buit
    A Dutchman based in Roubaix, France. He holds a Degree in Economics from the University of Lille, France, as well as a diploma in international marketing from Windersheim business school (Netherlands). He is an experienced sales responsible in B to B, first for Unisys in Netherlands, now for a French bank.




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