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through positive interaction
with other cultures

You do need TransNations when… Why? TransNations helps you to…
You negotiate a big deal in a foreign country: merger, acquisition, contract… You must understand how the other party thinks, negotiates and behaves. Become aware of their cultural values. Use convincing arguments. Understand at what stage of the negotiation you are at. Conclude.
You manage a large project
(a joint-venture for instance) with foreign partners.
You risk many misunderstandings, and consequently may fail, although you are of good faith. Know and therefore respect your different cultures.
Build a Team.
You have acquired a foreign Company. For the stake-holders overseas (customers, employees, trade-unions, authorities…), you are anyway « a Foreigner ». Understand what locals think and perceive about you. Deal with them. Become aware of the local pitfalls and opportunities.
You merge 2 companies of different nationalities. Your employees do not know their cultural differences; they have very little chances of cooperating efficiently, even with the best possible will. Provide each side the cultural leverages that will help them understand each other, work and make progress together.
You face a crisis situation abroad. You are at risk of ruining your image if you do not immediately react according to the cultural values of this country. Show as soon as possible the correct behavior and deliver the right message.
You must restructure an operation abroad. You can offend the local stake-holders and damage your business. Find the right words and the correct ways of communicating them.
You send abroad an Expatriate, a project-leader or an area manager. He alone does not have the knowledge to deal with his local speaking-partners. He will « learn by mistakes », lose his time and your money before he becomes 100 % productive. Increase the speed of his/her efficiency and productivity by avoiding a culture shock.
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